With infertility and female reproductive concerns on the rise globally as well as declining sperm count, it’s only natural couples are seeking out all their options when trying to conceive. Natural medicine and the homeopathic protocol is a good place to start and/or invest your energy if you’ve tried many other avenues without success.

The Fertility Protocol used in clinic involves taking a full case history of both partners. Marlee will prescribe up to 10 homeopathic remedies that target hormones, boost fertility and stimulate the body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself. A remedy kit is sent out after consultation and provides 4 months of treatment.

This program is a great option for couples struggling with fertility who are wanting to conceive naturally. It is also an excellent option when preparing for IVF, ensuring the best possible outcome for a healthy baby. However, it’s advised to finish this 4 - 6 month protocol before IVF. Things will be shifting, treatment will need time to act and the body will need time to settle.

Consider this program an option in cases including but not limited to;



· Fibroids

· Endometriosis

· Irregular Cycle

· Hormonal Imbalance

· Amenorrhea (no period)

· Anovulation (no release of egg)

· Never well since OCP use

· Recurrent Miscarriage

· Luteal Phase Defect

· Vaginal Dryness

· Low Libido

· Unexplained infertility

· As well as poor quality sperm

· And where there have been unsuccessful rounds of IUI’s and/or IVF