TeleHealth appointments are now available.

Consultations are conducted online where a link will be provided to join the virtual clinic. We are located in New South Wales, Australia and operate on Sydney (AEDT) time zone. Please choose your appointments carefully.

Packages & Consultation

Couples Fertility Package

· Allow 120 minutes for consult

· Includes individualised treatment plan

· Email support for up to 6 months

· All homeopathic remedies and shipping are included in the cost

· Package price is $899 AUD

· This is an option for couples experiencing infertility, wanting to conceive naturally or looking for support prior to IVF treatment. Marlee will take the case of both partners.

Female Fertility Consultation

· Allow 90 minutes $249 AUD

· Includes individualised treatment plan.

· This is an option for females seeking optimal hormonal and reproductive health. You may be considering a family in the future but are not quite there yet. Thinking about your health holistically has never been more accessible, what a blessing to have this option so early on.

· Remedies sold separately.

Standard Initial Consultation

· Allow 90 minutes $249 AUD

· Includes individualised treatment plan.

· This is an option for clients seeking optimal health. Any and all ailments welcome.

· Remedies sold separately.

Follow-up Consultation

· Allow 45 minutes $129 AUD

· This is an option for existing clients who would like additional support with their treatment plans and progress.

· Remedies sold separately.

Homeopathic Prohylaxis Package

· Allow 30 minutes $299 AUD

What to Expect

The initial consultation allows enough time to ensure all necessary information is gathered. Many questions will be asked in this process, including current symptoms, past medical and family history as well as diet and lifestyle choices. Any concerns, personal goals and initial treatment options will also be discussed.

After the consult Marlee will develop a treatment plan specific to individual needs, which is emailed by end of week. Similarly, remedies will be sent out within 7 days. If additional nutritional or herbal medicine products are recommended, Marlee will discuss your options for purchasing these.

Follow-up consultations are 45 minutes in length to allow enough time to discuss progress or for ongoing care that may require more time. Here we can discuss any new complaints that may arise, or make any necessary changes to the existing treatment plan.